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Nolwenn and Matthieu are two young winemakers who met by chance at a wine fair. A sip of Pouilly Fumé and it was the beginning of a true love story. After doing a science degree, Matthieu returned to his first love: wine and particularly his family vineyard in the middle of the Loire Valley where he worked with his father in the family vineyards.

Nolwenn worked as a publisher in Paris, when she met Matthieu and decided to leave her life behind her and join Matthieu in the Loire. Together, they decided to create their own winegrowing estate. At a turning point in their careers their paths led them to a small domain at the crossroads of the terroirs of the Pouilly Fumé appellation. And so was born Domaine de la Croisée in Pouilly Fumé.

The ex-owner of the Domaine, who was an old man without children, worked his vineyard naturally with respect of the vines, the soil and slow evolution of the wine.

When Nolwenn and Matthieu purchased the Domaine, the ex-owner already had worked without chemical products for 6 years. Unfortunately, due to his old age, work in the vineyards had been less and less and they spent many months working in the vineyard to reinstate good vine pruning, natural weeding to again have a stable vineyard. The buildings were rundown so Nolwenn and Matthieu started to renew their cellar to bring it up to current health and environmental standards.

After months of work in 2020, as unprecedented as it is, will be the year of their first harvest!

We at The Wine Buff are delighted to be involved from the beginning of this new chapter in their lives and look forward to importing their wine in 2021.

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