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Paddy O’Flynn originally from north Cork moved to St Emilion in 1988, the year his father in-law Rene Baylet, the wine maker at the renowned Chateau Cantin in St Emilion was awarded best wine maker in France for quality/price. Later that year his brother in-law Richard Baylet started his mobile wine bottling business and is now the largest supplier of this service in the southwest of France.

So, you could say Paddy married into the wine culture of Bordeaux, soon after Paddy worked in Tour du Vin, St Emilion where he was introduced to the variety and complexity of Bordeaux wines and so began his lifelong passion for wine and sniffing out good quality/priced wines.

In 2000 Paddy co-founded the Wine Buff chain of shops in Ireland. Utilising his vast experience and his ever-growing panel of experts. Paddy kept himself in daily contact with artisan vineyards that produce some of the world’s top wines. With their active co-operation, and with the help of his many wine contacts, Paddy seeks out the best quality/priced wines throughout the wine growing regions of Europe and further afield, guaranteeing real value for money. Paddy simply embodies the who concept of being a true Irish Setter…

In 2010 Paddy took the next step in his wine journey and purchased his own vineyard in Montagne St Emilion.


2015 saw The Wine Buff open in the heart of St Emilion at Rue du Marche, if you are passing through the town, then a visit to the The Wine Buff shop is a most on your schedule.

In the summer of 2018 the Irish Setter Bordeaux brand was launched, this is a special cuvee made with his friend Jean Louis Sanfourche, winemaker at Chateau Haut Maurin.

Irish Setter red is a classic Bordeaux blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon and the Irish Setter white a delicious mouth-watering Sauvignon and Semillon combination. Both of the highest quality and illuminating all that is great about Bordeaux wine.

The Irish Setter was bred for hunting, specifically for setting or locating and pointing upland gamebirds. They are a tireless, wide-ranging hunter, and well-suited to every type of terrain. Using their excellent sense of smell to locate the mark, the Irish Setter will then hold a pointing position, indicating the direction in which the bird lies hidden”.

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