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As you browse the wine selection, you may find yourself wondering what’s in an organic wine. It is more about what is NOT in an Organic Wine.

There are winemakers around the world converting to organic wine production as a result of the movement towards clean eating and growth in mainstream organic products. Our partner winemakers have been following this farming philosophy for generations to protect their land and produce a wine that is true to the grapes they grow.

As with food, organic farming on vineyards is regulated, and there are strict rules that determine if a wine can be labelled organic. These rules cover everything from farming the land, growing the grapes, production processes and bottling practices. If a vineyards wine meets all these requirements, it can be labelled organic.

Organic farming procedures are designed to promote environmental protection, maintain the biodiversity and reduce the number of chemicals in the food or drink consumption. It’s about avoiding synthetic pesticides on the grapes and in the soil, no herbicides, fungicides or fertiliser and no use of genetically modified organisms. The regulations encourage practices such as crop rotation and fertilising the earth through the cultivation of nitrogen-fixing plants. As with all organic products, a small percentage of non-organic ingredients are allowed, but in general, the grapes used are organic.

For vineyards located in the European Union, specific rules are set for organic wine-making, including a technical definition of organic wine. The EU organic principles include a prohibition on the use of sorbic acid and desulphurisation. Also, additives in organic wines are restricted, and the level of sulphites in organic wine is significantly reduced from non-organic wines.

Winemakers that have been following these rules since before they were regulations, passionately believe that these practices not only help to create sustainability in their industry but also produce wines that you can taste the flavour of their land.

A range of Organic Wines from around the world are stocked at your local Wine Buff shop, so call in and explore something new.

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