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Laila Libenzi was started in the 1950’s when Aristle Libenzi and his wife Renata bought land near Corinaldo in the Marche region overlooking the Adriatic Sea on the East coast of Italy.  They worked the land and tended the vines with true Italian passion.

Over the years they were joined by their daughter Laila, then son in law Andrea Crocenzi. In 1990 Andrea invested heavily in high density planting which is very unusual in the region, this obtained wines of greater concentration, resulting in a style that is unique to the winery and together with Oenologist Lorenzo Landi they turned this into one of the most innovative wineries of the Marche. 

Since 2013 the vineyard has been managed by Laila’s children, Andrea and Chiara who continue the work started by their grandparents.

The philosophy of the vineyard is “respect the soil and work with passion” this is achieved through the natural care of the vines, the vineyard work reflects the natural life cycles, which results in wines that fully express the character of this special region.

In recent times the brother and sister team have acquired a small vineyard in the sought after Rosso Conera appellation, a wine we are looking forward to having in The Wine Buff shops in the next few months. 

I sent a short questionnaire to Andrea and Chiara, but due to my lack of Italian and a short timeline on publishing the blog post, we did not receive back their replies back in time, when we get them I'll add them to the blog.

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