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Doing what comes naturally.

An ever-increasing question we come across in our shops has been, do you stock natural wines and what are they?

Unlike organic, there is no official or legal definition of a natural wine and there are no organisations that can certify a wine is natural. This has led to a lot of confusion for wine drinkers.

Some winemakers are following a philosophy and making so called natural wines and some wine retailers are jumping on the bandwagon by classifying a large section of their wine portfolio as natural. In opposition to this you have some likening natural wine to the “emperor’s new clothes”.

So, natural wine could just be considered a marketing tool? Yes, in a lot of cases it could, as food manufacturers are frequently using terms like “homemade,” “artisanal” and “natural” tricking customers into buying what they think are higher quality and healthier products, but in fact are not.

At The Wine Buff we don’t focus on so called natural wines, as we see it as a movement against things, not an advocacy for anything in particular.

Our focus is on sustainability in the vineyard, minimum intervention and low sulphites in winemaking. Yes, a large portion of our wines could be classified as natural, but until there is a legal definition on this, we will keep clear of it, what’s not to say in 2020, the new marketing buzz word might be “real” wines, and whatever that means.

When you drink a wine from a sustainable source with minimum intervention and possibly using organic or biodynamic winemaking, you will notice the difference, our customers will even tell us ‘The 2016, is nothing like the 2015’, and we are delighted to hear this as our growers are farming honestly not trying to produce a wine to a specific manipulated taste.

On the other extreme you have industrial mega wineries using excess sulphur, laboratory practices, manufactured yeasts and up to 70 legal additives to produce a standardised consistent taste, a wine that will taste the same every year regardless of the weather and conditions in the vineyard.

We only partner with winemakers we know. We meet our winemakers, experience their vineyards, hear their stories and taste the labour of their work before we import their wines to your local Wine Buff shop.

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