“Being in Business for yourself but not by yourself”


At the Wine Buff we offer an extremely interesting, educational, enjoyable, and life changing, business opportunity.


Are you researching an enjoyable Franchising opportunity in Ireland, one that allows you to utilise your excellent personable skills and strong work ethic? Yes!


We have designed the Wine Buff concept with a “our customers are really special” philosophy in mind.


In modern business customer service is no longer what it should be. We grew up with welcoming greetings, friendly smiles, customer recognition, use of our names, and real value for money. Nowadays, as customers, we are referred to as “transactions”.


Well, not at the Wine Buff.


Wine can be quite intimidating; our goal is to make it accessible for everyone. Changing customer’s perception of wine is our challenge, and our success is built on our ability to do this.


Franchisees relate to our customers in a simple manner; we entertain, tutor and give the most incredible service to all.

A Wine Buff customer experiences wine in a manner that is simply unrivalled. In fact, the majority of our Franchisees are existing customers; they enjoyed their Wine Buff experiences so much, they came on board.


Can I be a Wine Buff franchisee?

Yes!   If you have a genuinely charismatic personality, a great work ethic, and a willingness to excel.


I know nothing about wine, can I do this?

Yes!   Daragh Moore, one of the Wine Buff founders, was an ardent "Buckfast" drinker up until November 2000; by February 2001 he was giving the most incredibly entertaining, and informative wine courses to be found anywhere in Ireland.


Are Wine Buff wines actually competitive?

Yes!   The Wine Buff is all about “extraordinary wines at ordinary prices”.


Are there still opportunities available to own a Wine Buff franchise?

Yes!   Fill in the adjoining form, detailing your preferred locations, and we will get back to you.



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