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Bordeaux, St Emilion our backyard.

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Paddy O'Flynn

Are you planning a visit to Bordeaux? Then let us know and you can avail of our on the  ground  expert Paddy O’Flynn. Paddy, one of the founders of the Wine Buff moved to St Emilion in the heart of this famous wine growing region back in 1988, he is perfectly situated to give you a free hands on tour of many of our suppliers and friends vineyards.

Whether its a tour of the tiny award winning Chateau La Fauconnerie, lunch in Chateau Vieux Champs de Mars with Regis Moro or a tasting in one of the many family owned vineyards in the region you will be assured a tour with a difference, giving you a behind the scenes insight into the everyday running of a vineyard and a winery.

Many of our customers have already availed of this free tour service, so if you’re interested contact your local shop or drop us an email at and we will be delighted to make the arrangements for your special Wine Buff vineyard visit.

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  1. Gareth & Su Yin Higgins says:

    We are currently staying at in the Medoc region. In between sailing and surfing we were planning to visit some wineries. Any tips on good ones to visit west of Bordeaux?

    • Hi guys, well your not missing much in the way of weather here in Ireland. If your planning a trip over to St Emilion let us know, Paddy is about later this week.

  2. Paul abels says:

    Dear Paddy,
    Maybe you’ll remember my name. I was a friend of Ton Wouters. This week my wife and I make a memory-trip to the region were Ton discoverd the true wine. Maybe we can meet to talk à bit about Ton and what he did in the Bordeaux?

    Greetings Paul and Christa

  3. David says:

    Hi Paddy,

    Just wondering if you’ll be around the St. Emilion area on Sun 26th/Mon 27th August?

    I (along with 3 friends) will be in the area and would like to tap into your knowledge of the best local producers.

    I’ve just dropped you an email as well.


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